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The best low-budget tricks for your POS

Point of sale (POS) marketing refers to all efforts made to increase sales directly where the sale takes place. What if shopping and visiting your business became an experience for your customers? What if your customers leave your shop feeling better than ever and buy even more than they planned? Exactly! This is the jackpot for any business and is exactly what POS marketing is all about - designing a strategy on how to drive sales and engage customers right in your shop. Effective POS marketing doesn't have to be expensive - we share with you the best ideas to achieve maximum results with minimum effort and how to inspire your customers in a simple way.

The product presentation: The first impression counts

Effective product presentation will be memorable and makes a positive impression on your customers. A clear presentation of your products also provides as sense of orientation and gives your customers a feeling of security. Relevant product information should immediately catch the eye and be clearly visible. The targeted and logically-structured placement of goods increases your customers' willingness to buy, therefore serving as an ideal sales promotion technique.

Tip: Present seasonal products and offers. Make sure there is variety! Ask your product suppliers if they can provide you with advertising materials. This way you may be able to get attractive advertising material for your point of sale at a favorable price or even free of charge. We also support our myWorld Partners with our seasonal POS posters, which we make available for download in our Partner Suite.

Atmosphere: The right feeling is essential

The fundamental condition for successful POS marketing is that your customers feel comfortable in your shop right from the start. The more positive the visit to your shop is, the better the opportunity for additional sales and returning customers. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and positively address all the senses. Pay particular attention to:

  • A well-maintained shop front with a welcoming entrance and appealing as well as up-to-date window displays or decorations
  • Coordinated and pleasant colours
  • A well-structured shop area
  • Attractive and mindful placement of furniture with shelves, an attractive counter, etc.
  • The right mix of quieter areas, consultation zones and the checkout area
  • Seasonal and modern decorations using plants, pictures and posters
  • Indirect and pleasant lighting
  • Targeted music that suits you and your customers
  • Pleasant smells - manage fragrances

Make your customers' visit as pleasant as possible and ensure that they enjoy spending time with you. It should be fun to browse your products and your shop!

Orientation: Show your customers the way

Your customers can only respond to your offers if they can find their way around your point of sale. Guide your customers through your shop in the best possible way and use, if necessary, a bit of assistance. Here are some examples:

  • Well-positioned signposts
  • Clear and prominent labels
  • Thoughtful information displays and door signs
  • Floor stickers and directions

The shopping experience: Stand out!

Customers love to visit shops where they get to experience something. You can enhance the shopping experience not only through classic measures, such as providing a pleasant atmosphere and successfully presenting products, but also by giving personal advice and offering additional services at the point of sale. You can make a big difference with little financial time and effort. Think outside the box and consider what measures you can take to make shopping an experience! Below we'd like to inspire you with a few ideas in order to help you find the right measures for you:

  • LIVE demonstrations and show coaching
  • Hands-on activities and games with winnings
  • Share knowledge via workshops or DIY tutorials and tips
  • Product samples and tasting

The added-value: Customer benefit at the forefront

Consider measures that offer your customers benefits. One way to do this, for example, is to set price incentives. Possible measures to offer your customers price advantages are:

  • A customer loyalty programme – such as the international Benefit Program from myWorld
  • Discounts and set offers
  • Sales
  • Multi-pack offers such as the classic "buy one get one free"
  • Vouchers

Another way to persuade your customers to make a purchase is to offer additional services or goodies. For example, are there any suitable add-on products, such as attachments or accessories? Tip: Become a Partner of myWorld and part of an international Benefit Program, in which 15 million Shoppers receive Cashback and Shopping Points on their purchases from participating businesses. Learn everything about the Benefits of the myWorld Benefit Program here(Link:

Inspiration: Get creative!

POS marketing is your chance to make additional sales and increase foot traffic. Creativity at the point of sale always pays off. Even the smallest point of sale provides enough space for your creative ideas. Effective and creative measures don't have to be expensive. We have gathered some inspiration and ideas for you in our Pinterest album. Click here (Link: and be inspired by inexpensive and simple ideas!

Tip: Sometimes less is more! Try to keep the point of sale clear, and place no more than three different objects on the counter. This way your customers have enough space to place their purchases and allows your creative measures around the point of sale to stand out even more.

Make shopping for your customers an experience and surprise them with that little extra something. We wish you all the best in implementing your very own POS measures in your shop.


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