Products to make your Cashback Program successful

Our numerous products ensure that your fans, customers or employees can enjoy the benefits of your Cashback Program to the fullest. Not only do they make shopping with Cashback and Shopping Points as easy as possible, but they also facilitate a higher turnover which, in turn, supports your work or your business.

Your Shopping Portal

The central place to go for your Cashback Program Shoppers. They find partners, offers and deals either on the Cashback World Website or on your Shopping Portal, which is designed in the look and feel of your brand.

All partners. All offers. All deals.

A website full of shopping opportunities that yield Cashback and Shopping Points. Whether your Shoppers are looking for a partner nearby, an online shop or offers and deals – this is where they’ll find them. Depending on the Cashback Program you chose, your shoppers either have your own Shopping Portal in the look and feel of your company or club, or they use the Cashback World Website.

Looking for something? Here it is!

Shoppers can easily find the partners who offer the right kind of deal for them via the search function or current campaigns and then shop whilst enjoying the benefits.

  • 150.000 partners
  • 15.000 online partners
  • Current offers
  • Lots of exclusive deals

Cashback Card

Simply shop in a local store and easily collect Cashback and Shopping Points. By using their Cashback Card, Shoppers in your Cashback Program enjoy clear benefits.

Usual shopping with unusual benefits

Just shop at your preferred partner, show the Cashback Card upon payment and you’re done. It’s that easy for your Shoppers to collect Cashback and Shopping Points when shopping in local stores whilst at the same time, supporting you. With thousands of Partners who accept the Cashback Card, your Shoppers are certain to find stores where they can collect shopping benefits, no matter where they are.

A Cashback Card which can be easily recognised

You are also able to include your logo on the Cashback Cards (depending on the Program you choose). This not only increases identification with your club or company, but also makes the card stand out. Your fans, customers or employees are thus constantly reminded of who makes these benefits possible.

  • By simply collecting benefits, your Program gets more revenue
  • Positive shopping experience for your shoppers
  • Stronger connection to your fans, customers and employees
  • 400.000 points of acceptance for your shoppers

Registration Flyers

With a registration flyer prepared to your design, you can encourage Shoppers to join your Cashback Program.

Get your brand noticed

To help you entice new Shoppers to your Cashback Program, with the full-size Cashback Program, you will receive registration flyers prepared to your design. This will keep your brand in the minds of your fans, customers and employees. In addition, the registration flyers also contain the Cashback Card for your Shoppers.

Your program, your flyer

Of course, you will also receive registration flyers to register Shoppers if you select the light version of the Cashback Program. They will be in the standard design but will still list all the benefits of joining your Cashback Program.

  • Register Shoppers and give them the relevant information
  • The possibility to have your own design
  • A combination of flyers and Cashback Card

Cashback App

Your Shoppers can even take advantage of the Cashback Program on the go. With the Cashback App, they can collect benefits any time, any place!

Collecting benefits everywhere and at all times

The free Cashback App is available so your Shoppers can enjoy all the benefits of your Cashback Program wherever they are. Depending on your Program, shoppers use the App of the Cashback World or an individual version of the Cashback App with the look and feel of your club or business. Thus, shoppers can quickly find partners nearby, always benefit while shopping online and have access to all offers and deals at all times. There are no limits to shopping with your Cashback Program.

In the blink of an eye to an eVoucher

A very helpful feature of the Cashback App is the simple and uncomplicated purchase of eVouchers. These digital vouchers are available within seconds and, thus, can also be used for spontaneous purchases at partner businesses, in order to collect Cashback and Shopping Points.

  • Find partners everywhere and at all times
  • Online shopping with benefits on the go
  • Spontaneous purchasing and redeeming of eVouchers


We keep the Shoppers in your Cashback Program posted with regular newsletters informing them about offers, deals and new partners, encouraging them to regularly hit the shops.

An e-mail packed full of benefits

We use our newsletter to keep your Shoppers regularly updated with information about current offers, deals or new Partners available in your Cashback Program. This reminds them of the benefits involved in shopping and creates incentives to buy, thus leading to an increase in shopping revenue in your Cashback Program.

Just a click away from shopping

Our newsletter isn’t just effective, it is also user-friendly. Shoppers can simply click on an offer from Online Partners to get redirected to the online shop so they can collect Cashback and Shopping Points easily.

  • Creating incentives to buy
  • Immediate redirection to online shops
  • More visibility for offers and deals

Cashback Helper

Our practical online shopping tool makes online shopping with benefits a particularly straightforward experience for Shoppers in your Cashback Program.

Your Shoppers won’t miss out on any benefits

In order to make online shopping with your Cashback Program even easier, we provide your Shoppers with the Cashback Helper, a practical add-on for desktop browsers. When they visit a Partner’s online shop, only one click is needed to collect Cashback and Shopping Points.

From search engine to Partner

Cashback Helper even lets shoppers know if an Online Partner is in their search engine results. This means, they will never again miss out on shopping benefits, and they create revenue for your Cashback Program.

Available for the most common browsers

The Cashback Helper is available for the most common desktop browsers. Your Shoppers can simply download it for Chrome, Firefox or Safari, making it even easier to collect Cashback and Shopping Points while shopping online.

  • Just one click for Cashback and Shopping Points
  • Customers never miss out on any benefits while shopping online
  • More revenue for your Cashback Program

Social Media

Augment interest in your club, organisation or business by being present for existing Shoppers of the Cashback World Shopping Community.

800.000 fans all over the world

If you want to communicate your work to an even bigger audience, the Cashback World Community is the perfect opportunity. We present new partnerships to our 800.000 world-wide Social Media fans. You can therefore gain attention for what you are doing far beyond the circles of your fans, customers and employees.

Special posts for special events

And if you organise special events that are of interest to our Shoppers, we are happy to make them aware of it. Enlarge your community by means of our community.

  • 800.000 fans all over the world
  • Highlight your work or business
  • Enlarge your community

Customer service & support

As a Cashback World White Label Partner, we provide you with comprehensive support to ensure that you and your fans, customers or employees are completely satisfied with your Cashback Program.

Continuous maintenance and personal support are a matter of course

From setting up your Cashback Program, to designing and implementing your registration page or shopping portal, to diverse marketing measures – we strive to support you at all times.

Of course, the same applies for the technical availability and continuous updates of our products. At Cashback World White Label we understand the importance of service and support.

  • Personal support via e-mail and telephone
  • Design and implementation of registration or shopping portal
  • Creation of marketing measures
  • Continuous technical maintenance of all services


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