One program - many impressive features

As a Loyalty Merchant to the Cashback World, you will receive a range of features of your Customer Loyalty Program which strengthen your business growth sustainably.

Ein Programm - Viele starke Funktionen

B2B service

As Loyalty Merchant within an international Shopping Community, Cashback World, you will be marketed via the following channels to more than 15 million Members:

Additionally, your business is listed in the international Loyalty Merchant community (Merchant Network). Here, you can process B2B purchases and sales using the individually agreed shopping benefits.

  • On the Cashback World websites in 55 countries
  • In the Cashback App, available worldwide free-of-charge
  • On our partners' Cashback Program websites
  • In our partners' Cashback app versions

Advertising materials

To make the customer aware of your new Loyalty Merchant status, meaning that they can receive shopping benefits when they choose to shop with you, you will receive comprehensive advertising material*

Stickers for your shop front
Poster stand A4
Cash Plate
On-site registration flyers
A6 stand
*With the exception of the stickers for the shop front which can only be received as part of the Premium Partner Program

Cashback & Bonuses

Negotiable shopping benefits

You will receive individual Cashback and Shopping Points on your business purchases with B2B Loyalty Merchants and have the opportunity to agree upon bespoke shopping benefits.

Marketing Bonus*:

You will receive up to 1% Marketing Bonus on the purchases performed by the Members, which your company registered, with all Loyalty Merchants of the Cashback World.

*only available with the Premium Partner Program

Huge range of benefits for registered customers*:

You receive a specific range of benefits for purchases made by Members registered by you in your company. For these purchases, only the incidental Cashback as well as the marketing contribution up to maximum 1% is deducted. The margins for Shopping Points and Marketing Bonus have been omitted for you.

Customer cards

As a Loyalty Merchant, you have the option as part of the Premium Partner Program to register both new and regular customers and to provide them with customer cards (Cashback Cards)*. To register, use either the browser, the app or the registration flyer.

Alternatively, you have the option of only recording sales made to customers with Cashback Cards using the Partner Program, without offering customer cards yourself.

*available with the Premium Partner Program

Statistics, data and CRM

Using your access data, you can gain access to the Merchant Lounge with profile management as well as the UTERM web interface where you will find all important modules which relate to your Cashback World Partner Program.

Merchant Lounge: This area is the key component of your Loyalty Merchant profile where you can manage all important contractual details, invoices, payment options or product orders.

UTERM: Here you will find all features via browser or app which the Cashback World Partner Program offers you. This includes (program dependent):

  • Recording sales
  • Creation and management of users
  • Module for the creation of Shopping Point Deals
  • Member- and regular customer registration
  • Management of your own Cashback Cards
  • Statistics evaluation module
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module
  • Customer Communication Module for newsletter and customer satisfaction surveys

Welcome to a new era of customer loyalty with UTERM.

Welcome to a new era of customer loyalty with UTERM. You can now attract and manage new and loyal customers more efficiently, quickly discover your customers' wishes and can also speed up the process of recording and establishing sales, deals and newsletters. Register today to learn about everything you can achieve with our universal customer loyalty tools.

Record your sales in seconds

Using the UTERM sales recording system, you have all of your sales available to view at a glance and can evaluate these accordingly. This gives you an optimal overview of all daily and customer sales. You can also record Cashback Card turnover easily using a barcode or a QR code.

Attractive offers for new and regular customers

In just a few clicks, you can create exclusive Shopping Point Deals in UTERM. In doing so, you will reach out to Cashback World Members worldwide and acquire new customers for your business. You can pre-appoint when and for how long the offer should run for.

Customer registration – quick and easy

Register new Members with the Cashback World or existing Members as regular customers. The registration is quick and uncomplicated via UTERM, using the UTERM App or a registration flyer. You will also receive an attractive profit margin for your registered members.

All customers in one overview

Thanks to the Customer Relationship Management module – CRM in short – you can keep your entire customer database in one place. That way, you can manage the details of regular customers, customer turnover, appointments and Cashback Cards reliably, with a great overview and, above all, in an uncomplicated fashion.

Analysis of all your business sectors

Make use of these statistical analyses for all of your turnover and transactions. With the help of good graphics and listings, you will receive a clear representation of the distribution according to industry, age groups, days of the week or regions.  This way, you have the opportunity to reproduce a visual of your business' industries which are relevant to your turnover.

Reach out to even more customers

Using the SUPER Cashback function, you have a quick and easy way of reaching out to more customers. Grant Cashback World community Members increased Cashback for a specific period of time and acquire new customers for your business.

The final touch for communicating with your customer

The Customer Communications module offers you both additional functions 'Newsletter' and 'Customer Surveys', with which you can communicate with your customers even more effectively. Using the Newsletter templates, you can keep your regular customers informed of your campaigns. Not just that, you can find out more about your customers' wishes using the surveys which are quick and easy to set up and use these to increase customer satisfaction.
*only available with the Premium Partner Program


With the new UTERM app we can now give you more freedom and support on your path to success.

It's never been easier to run your business from your phone whilst on the move.

Thanks to the UTERM app, you can now benefit from opportunities like never before - download the app to your smartphone or tablet straight away.

  • All features of the UTERM now available on the move on your smartphone or tablet
  • Record sales and register customers quicker than ever before, simply by using the camera application on your mobile device
  • Register customers and record their purchases, any time, any place
  • Edit Shopping Point Deals on the move
  • All statistics at a glance
Please be aware that these features are dependent on your Cashback World Partner Program and the selected additional modules.

Maintenance & support

It is particularly important to us that our customers are not only satisfied with their programs but can also make use of their full potential. Therefore, we are happy to advise and support you at any time and provide you with numerous aids in the form of our FAQs.

Irrespective of this, we like to ensure that all technical aspects run smoothly. We deliver continuous updates for our features and maintain all services with a view to ensuring that your Cashback World Partner Program meets your requirements.


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