Products for increased commercial success

An established brand with a substantial customer base is no guarantee for seamless business success. Sustainable customer loyalty, brand visibility and the ability to attract attention using good marketing are, however, decisive factors. With the help of our products, we help your company to do just this.

Cashback Card

As a Loyalty Merchant of Cashback World who accepts Cashback Cards, you grant shopping benefits to your customers and connect them with your company.

Become a favourite shopping destination with the Cashback Card

Customer Loyalty is just as important for big companies as customer growth. As a Loyalty Merchant of the Cashback World and point of acceptance for Cashback Cards, you can be sure of both. This way, you can give your existing customers the option of collecting shopping benefits as Cashback World Shoppers. The same goes for the millions of already registered Cashback World Shoppers who repeatedly enjoy shopping with you, thanks to Cashback and Shopping Points.

Tap into a new customer pool

With the Cashback Card, you can tap into a huge new customer base and add to your existing one by offering shopping benefits as a Cashback Card point of acceptance. Furthermore, there's always the option of launching your own large-scale Customer Loyalty Program using your own shopping portal, which we set up for you. Find out more at Cashback World White Label.

  • Record sales easily via the app
  • A positive shopping experience for your customers
  • More incentives to make repeat purchases
  • Improved customer loyalty thanks to shopping benefits


Using eVouchers, you can give your shoppers the opportunity to pay using digital vouchers in a quick and uncomplicated fashion whilst they take advantage of shopping benefits.

Your digital voucher in our Shopper network

You have the offer, we have the demand - with eVouchers, we combine these two factors in an uncomplicated fashion. We set up the purchase of digital vouchers including a pre-determined discount with your company and sell these eVouchers in-house to Cashback World Shoppers using a simple and quick purchase process. Shoppers receive Cashback and Shopping Points when purchasing eVouchers which creates a huge incentive to make use of them and, by extension, your offer.

Perfect for spontaneous shopping

As we primarily sell digital vouchers via the Cashback App and make them available in seconds, spontaneous purchases are no problem. The eVouchers can be redeemed just like normal vouchers, thus you don't need to make any technical investments.

  • Agreed, guaranteed purchase quantity
  • Quick purchase and redemption process
  • Sold through the Cashback World
  • No technical investment necessary
  • Advertisement on the eVoucher Channel on the eyetime app

Cashback World Website

The Cashback World website is the main focal point of the Shopping Community and as such is the central point of contact for our Shoppers in 55 countries. Your eVouchers and/or branches are visible to all Shoppers on this website.

15 million Shoppers from all over the world can discover your offers here

Cashback World Shoppers value the Cashback and Shopping Points they receive when shopping. Cashback World Enterprise brings these Shoppers to you.

Active in 55 countries

Your eVouchers, branches and exclusive offers are visible to all shoppers on the Cashback World website across 55 countries. With approximately 3,5 million-page views per month, it just goes to show how often the website is used for shopping. Take advantage of this activity to expand your business.

Shopping Benefits as a customer magnet

With us, not only will your company be easier to find, it will be even more attractive to customers thanks to Shopping Benefits and exclusive offers.

  • 15,000,000 potential customers for your business
  • Active Shoppers with approximately 3,5 million-page views per month
  • Numerous opportunities to advertise
  • Exclusive offers will be highlighted

Cashback App

As well as on the Cashback World website, our Shoppers can find you in the free Cashback App and, this way, you offer people an attractive shopping destination especially when they are on the move.

Shopping anytime, anywhere - profit from the benefits of our app

With more than 1,9 million downloads, the Cashback App is a popular tool for our Shoppers, making it possible for them to shop and gain benefits whenever and wherever. With Cashback World Enterprise, your company and exclusive offers become part of the app. That way, our Shoppers become aware of you when they're on the move and on the hunt for attractive shopping destinations.

Close by and easy to find

One particular advantage is the location-based services that our app has to offer. With this, Shoppers can see immediately if they're close by and come directly to you.

  • More than 1,9 million downloads on Android and iOS
  • Brand visibility to all Shoppers anywhere, any time
  • Active offer advertisement
  • Push notifications to raise awareness for your company

Cashback World Newsletter

With recipients in 55 countries across the world, the Cashback World newsletter is an effective marketing tool which ensures that our Shoppers are aware of your company. As a partner of Cashback World Enterprise, you can also be part of the newsletter.

Your company featured in a global newsletter

Newsletters are an effective way to keep your business on customers' minds and advertise your offers. The Cashback World newsletter will do just that for your online shop, in 55 countries worldwide.

Just one click for full information

As well as its effectiveness, our newsletter is also user-friendly in that Shoppers can be forwarded directly to your company's information page and instantly know how to get Cashback and Shopping Points for shopping with you. The newsletter will also help to draw attention to your special offers and exclusive promotions.

  • Recipients in 55 countries
  • Customers are forwarded directly to information about your business
  • More awareness of your offers and promotions

Social Media

The Cashback World Shopping Community social media channels are extremely popular and have approximately 800.000 fans globally. Cashback World Enterprise gives you access to these fans.

Reach out to fans all over the world

Being able to speak directly to and with customers on an informal level makes social media the perfect tool to bring brands and offers direct to the customer.

Cashback World Enterprise enables your company to access a pool of approximately 800.000 Cashback World Shopping Community social media fans, enabling you to open up new customer segments and expand.

Whether it's as part of a promotion, competition or a special campaign, we bring your business to our fans and increase your revenue.

  • Reach 800.000 fans around the world
  • Open up new customer segments
  • Expand and reach out to customers
  • Be a part of competitions, promotions and campaigns

Customer Service & Support

As a Cashback World Enterprise partner, you will receive extensive support from us to ensure that you company becomes a successful part of our Shopping Community.

Continual maintenance and personal support are guaranteed factors with us

Whether it's connecting your company to us, purchasing eVouchers, creating exclusive deals or setting up various marketing measures - we make the effort to support you wherever needed.

Of course, that also applies to technical availability and the continual updates we make to our services. Service & Support are two key emphases at Cashback World Enterprise.

  • Personal support via email and over the phone
  • Creation of exclusive deals and marketing measures
  • Continual technical maintenance of all our services

B2B Service

If you'd like to offer your B2B product solutions to new partners, then you'll find a huge pool of customers in our B2B network.

Your B2B offer, our B2B network

Large-scale B2B solutions are also part of your product offer, such as fuel card programmes (fleet), office equipment or cleaning services? Then you'll find customers in our B2B Loyalty Merchant network with which you can get in touch and negotiate individual conditions.

Enter an existing network

Enjoy the benefits of entering an existing B2B network and make business deals more quickly and easily for your B2B offer.

  • Thousands of potential customers
  • Individually-agreed conditions
  • Quick, direct contact


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