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The easy way to get more customers and more revenue!

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Android myWorld App
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  • Access to millions of myWorld Customers and you only pay a small percentage if they shop

  • Register customers and receive commission from their purchases

  • Create Cashback Deals to boost your revenue

And the best part: No additional effort for you, customers will simply scan their invoice to receive their Benefits.

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myWorld Customer Benefits

All over the world - money back with every purchase!

 Scan & Go

Customers scan invoices with the myWorld App

  • Cashback and Shopping Points for every transaction

  • Use Shopping Points for Cashback Deals

Thousands of businesses worldwide place their trust in myWorld

Companies of all sizes around the world know and appreciate the benefits of working with myWorld. The success of our customers confirms that our myWorld Partnership can help your business grow.


Judy Dangel

Enderby Jewelers

“When I heard what myWorld was about, I knew this was for me. I own my own store, but I am a single store and myWorld would allow me to reward my customers for shopping.”

Sara Yang


“A close family friend introduced me to myWorld Partner a few years ago and I was immediately impressed by the size and scale of the Benefit Program. It was the perfect solution for Koganei.”

Chu Tiana

T.H.E. Shop Toronto Kangen Water

Tiana is the founder of T.H.E. Shop. Proudly  to be myWorld Partner. T.H.E.” stands for True Health Education.  Reflecting her desire to improve the physical and mental well-being of the general public, T.H.E. Shop is focused on the dissemination of knowledge and information about the benefits of water ionizers and Kangen Water®️ (also known as Electrolyzed Reduced Water), as well as their sales and distribution along with other products aimed at health and vitality.

Sam Chiu


I newly joined myWorld that introduced by a YouTuber (EC easy)recently. Customers are excited to hear myWorld Benefits and expressed worth to join. I love this loyalty program for customer retention by rewarding them Cashback and Shopping Points with every dining at Happy Fishman. Customers are happy at Happy Fishman in myWorld.

Yan Guo

Pi Electronics Karaoke Equipment / Event Rental

I'm happy to be myWorld Partner and excited to build my loyalty program in PI Electronic Karaoke Equipment / Event Rental. Supporting B2B, provides more benefits and choices to our customers. And grow our business together.

Raymond Chi Bun

Fukui Sushi

I got to know myWorld through a friend's  introduction, and I think it will help my restaurant's business to a certain extent.

Korchinski Michelle

Naughty Girl Essentials Lingerie

Naughty Girl Essentials has become a thriving company with a team of 5 employees and growing who work tirelessly to deliver exceptional products and services to their loyal myWorld customers. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Naughty Girl Essentials continued to grow and innovate, expanding their product line and reaching a broader audience through myWorld and their online presence on this fantastic platform.