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The best marketing initiatives to get you through the slow summer season

Whilst customers relax on the beach, as usual, business is slow in nearly all sectors. That means many business owners experience a slump in their profits and a lack of footfall over the summer months. Marketing campaigns which were successful during the rest of the year, are suddenly only running half as well. But: Don't put your head in the sand and take advantage of the summer recess. We'll let you in on the best marketing secrets which will help you ride the waves of the summer slump rather than let you get caught in the tide.

Summery Newsletters or emails

Yes, you understood me correctly. Over the summer months, you should continue to send out marketing emails - don't just stop because you think no one's there to read them. Retain your rhythm and use the chance to stay in contact with your customers and others interested in your business. What used to be unthinkable is, nowadays, completely normal: Many people don't do without their smartphone, even whilst on holiday, and check their emails regularly. You can take advantage of precisely this for the purpose of your marketing activities. Provide your subscribers with regular summer content. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, who are interested in the most recent summer trends, action-packed weekends away, DIY, gardening, swim wear, lovely food or sport. Your customers are very active at the moment and pursue a wide range of different interests. This makes for attractive, exciting summer marketing campaigns. We wish you all the best whilst creating your bespoke content and offers. You're sure to find the right points of reference.

Keep it at the back of your mind: It's often the case that customers have time during their holiday to really have a good read through of the information, without interruption. When sending stuff out, think about the fact that customers are often out and about so test your newsletter out on your smartphone. Make sure that the content is clear and easy to read on the smartphone screen and appears attractive.

Make use of social media over the summer

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc don't take a break over the summer. Quite the opposite, in fact: People all over the world are active on social media and post holiday pics, provide updates of their sporting activities or witty summer festival snaps. Keep your followers up to date or surprise them with a summer competition or special weekly offers. Even original posts help you to maintain relations with your followers in a relaxed fashion. Think about the fact that you want to pick up on where your followers are right now - at the pool, on the beach, at the lake or in the beer garden. Hit upon a summery topic and combine it with content which you'd like to share with them. The summer season gives your lots of opportunities to create a positive mood.

Bring your advertising up to date

Now is the right time to get that work done which you haven't had time to do during the rest of the year. Check that all advertising, your website, social media sites and other marketing channels are up to date. Do you like your current market appearance and is it well-received by your customers? Do your website visitors find what it is they need or do they lose the overview? How alert is your business and which opportunities are there to reach out to your customers better or to make them more aware? There's often too little time to answer these questions during the hectic working day. Take the opportunity to do so during the summer months when you've got slightly less on your plate and enjoy getting to grips with your business. Be careful to check through not only the content but also the design of your advertising material. Visual perception counts for far more than pure information intake.

This is the first step to optimising your business and making the most out of your potential.

Celebrate the summer festival

You can win brownie points with your employees, customers and interested parties not only online but also offline during the hot summer months. Because people prefer to be outdoors, soaking up the sunlight, enjoying refreshing drinks and spending time with friends and family. A summer festival is just the right vibe and becomes an unforgettable event. That's the only opportunity to really commit your customers to your company long-term. Perhaps you'd like to celebrate your summer festival by putting on a Open Day and make it possible for your prospective customers to gain an insight into your firm.

Decide on an organisation for the event, start planning in good time and have a think about which highlights will be particularly attractive to people in your local area. Regardless of whether its consultations, a fashion show, an open day, a cosy BBQ, refreshing drinks, product presentations, exciting talks, free activities for the whole family or a raffle for a good cause - there's no end to the creativity which can be built in to the planning and implementation of your event.

So that your summer festival is a complete success, you should start advertising nice and early and send out personalised written invitations to your customers. Advertise the event in your newsletter in good time and via your social media sites so that your target group can get the date in their calendars and get a taste of your programme of events. Send a press statement to the most important media providers in your area and invite editors to the event. By the way: A summer festival is a perfect opportunity to post photos and videos on social media, provide insight into the event or share that emotional story.

Dare to experiment

"No guts, no glory!” as they put it so beautifully. This is the perfect time to try out something new. However, sometimes during busy periods, experimenting with your marketing can be one risk too many. Try out a Facebook or Instagram story, make a video or experiment with unusual, creative content. Perhaps you've always wanted to create a Facebook advertisement or try out a completely new social media platform. During quieter periods, you can try out different new methods and come to conclusions safely. In this way, you will discover new opportunities which can then be integrated successfully into your marketing strategy in so-called major footfall period, such as Christmas.

Your Chance

Don't underestimate targeted marketing activities and think about the summer months as a huge opportunity for you and your company. Many companies reduce their marketing measures to a minimum - and their employees too. You stay active and you'll be able to overtake them during these decisive months as well as remaining a positive memory in the minds of your customers, both existing and prospective. Should, despite all your efforts, a small slump creep in, use the time to enjoy the creative break and optimise your business. The most important thing: Think long-term because, even if your sales are down, your marketing activities are worth it to ensure that you can prepare for the up and coming, sales-heavy season. You know what we're going to say: We reap what we sow. Continuous, targeted marketing provides you with long-term benefits and secures business success.


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