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The Marketing Checklist for Restaurants, Cafés and Bars

Are you living your dream with your own restaurant, café or casual bar? Is it in your blood to spoil your guests with culinary delights, are you always prepared with the right words and do your guests leave your house with a big smile? Perfect, this is the most important foundation. As a passionate professional of the food industry, you know best that your guests will come back again and again if they feel comfortable and impressed. Sometimes even for life. However, a few steps are necessary before this can happen. With our marketing checklist for those in the food industry, we tell you how to attract new customers in a targeted manner, how to turn enthusiastic guests into regular customers, and which foundation is crucial for successful restaurant marketing.

1.) Your company image
Use all the possibilities to present your food business attractively in the digital world. The foundation for this is not only an appealing logo that is versatile and can be placed well on all channels - but also an informative and clear website. Potential guests especially like to browse through the food and drink menu and get an idea in advance of what you have to offer in terms of cuisine. Atmospheric shots of your premises, as well as your team, also convey a first impression of the atmosphere of your business. A "news" section with current events, special offers or theme days is also a good way to increase foot traffic on certain days. However, make sure that you keep this area really up-to-date and regularly fill it with updates.

Keep your corporate image up-to-date on all available channels and create a consistent image of your company. In addition to your social media channels, remember to add your food business to platforms of popular search engines and - if possible - supplement your company's presence there with appealing photos and information.

Keep in focus what information your potential guests need and what they are particularly interested in, such as:

  • Business hours
  • Food and drink menus
  • Contact and reservations
  • Information about the route, as well as your location
  • Pickup and/or delivery service
  • Event dates and offers

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2.) Social Media Marketing
If you want to improve the profile of your restaurant or café and attract new guests to your business, you can't do without social media marketing. Especially in the food industry, appealing photos are the key to success. Extra points are given for food and drinks that are set in the right scene. Use various social media channels and give potential guests a glimpse of your menu and business. Stay tuned and keep your channels current with regular updates. Introduce your team, showcase culinary highlights and specials, feature events and offer special promotions.

3.) Retain customers and offer benefits
You know best that returning guests are the key to success in the food industry. Targeted customer loyalty measures seek to convert walk-in customers into regulars. In addition to creating a feel-good atmosphere in your home, you can wow your guests as soon as they enter your home and leave a lasting impression. Make sure that the stay with you is a positive experience. Because enthusiastic guests are the basic prerequisite for a high number of returning regular guests.

In addition to this foundation, so-called customer loyalty programmes offer you the optimal solution for attracting new guests and converting existing ones into regular customers. With the myWorld Partner Programs, you have the perfect tools at your disposal and benefit from years of industry experience and comprehensive know-how in the food industry. With the well thought-out myWorld Benefit Program, nothing stands in the way of a good turnout, because it allows you to create weekly offers in no time at all that specifically increase your frequency even on days with lower foot traffic. Benefit from the numerous possibilities of this unique customer loyalty programme and surprise your guests with birthday deals, quickly and easily record sales, register customers and create insightful surveys or exciting newsletters. Thousands of restaurants, cafés and bars worldwide rely on myWorld and already reward their guests with Cashback and Shopping Points for every visit and order.

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4.) Regional advertising and offers
Place targeted ads on social networks that only people in the area or radius you specify can see. Many guests are looking for a restaurant, a good bar or a cozy café nearby and this option allows you to focus directly on your target audience.

Develop special offers and thereby attract new guests to your business. There are no limits to creativity here: you can focus on special themes, offer individual dishes or drinks at a lower price, or offer a complete menu with different components. This will make you interesting not only for new customers, but also for regulars. Think outside the box, for example, maybe you can promote a holiday package together with a cooperation partner and create a completely new all-inclusive offer. If you also offer accommodation, you can also promote your offer on holiday platforms - such as travelWorld.

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5.) Regular newsletters
Newsletters are a great way to improve customer retention, build trust and attract repeat customers. Encourage your guests to visit your business again or order from you with regular newsletters. Here you can set special promotions like discounts to increase the incentive. But it's not just price incentives that are effective; a new menu or a special event will also entice people to visit your establishment.

Tip: Learn what's important and how to create compelling newsletters in our blog article on newsletter marketing.

6.) Offer pickup and/or delivery service
Offer pickup and delivery services and benefit from more flexibility and sales. This way, you are no longer limited to available tables and seats in the restaurant and can ideally make more turnover. This option provides you with additional security and you can effectively prevent sales losses. Keep in mind, however, that if you decide to offer a pick-up and delivery service, you will also need to create additional capacity and determine in advance what food and drinks you will offer for this service. In doing so, ask yourself realistically what you can and can't handle.

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7.) Enthusiastic guests recommend to others
As a passionate professional in the food industry, you know exactly how to inspire your guests with a relaxed atmosphere and charm - and how important good communication is. You also know that delighted guests are your best source of referral. These recommendations can be versatile - whether in a personal conversation, or digitally in the form of a review. Food bloggers or influencers have also become an important part of restaurant marketing. Always monitor your social media channels and be on the lookout for potential food bloggers or influencers - and invite them to your establishment or to a special event. Ask them to cover your business and try to make contacts with local bloggers.

As you surely know, the use of reviews has also increased and your guests can quickly and easily leave reviews on the web through the many digital possibilities. Be aware of this and try to make your guests' stay in your establishment as pleasant as possible. But don't put yourself under pressure, because every now and then you get feedback from guests that is not so positive. Especially in the service sector, this can happen and it is not always possible to meet the expectations of all guests. What's important is how you handle it: Accept the feedback and respond in a friendly, responsive and thoughtful manner. In this way, you gain trust and handle your evaluations professionally. Of course, you can also ask your guests for reviews and thus ensure more positive reviews.

As you can see, successful marketing for your restaurant, bar or café consists of many different ingredients and with this checklist you now have a good foundation for not getting bogged down or losing sight of your goals. We wish you much success, a full house and many enthusiastic guests who will recommend you wholeheartedly.

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