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5 steps to customer loyalty for health businesses 

In the health industry, you are faced with the challenge of serving extremely demanding customer groups. Successful companies in the health and beauty sector not only convince their customers with quality, service and the right price-performance ratio, but also attach great importance to customer loyalty. With the right customer loyalty measures in place, you are a significant step ahead of your competitors. Here we share with you what should be considered when retaining customers in the health industry and how customer retention works in 5 simple steps.

What does customer loyalty mean in the health industry?

Customer loyalty is the lasting customer relationship with your company in which your customers continue to use your health services and offers in the future and do not migrate to the competition. Customer satisfaction is the foundation for achieving customer loyalty. Customer loyalty and satisfaction encompass a wide range of measures and tools, some of which should be part of the natural repertoire when dealing with your customers - for example:

  • Staff and your employees: reliable and friendly communication, adherence to deadlines, professional competence, personal and individual support and much more.
  • Technical equipment: discounts, advantage points, customer loyalty programs, customer cards, customer magazines and much more.
  • High quality of your products and services

Helpful customer loyalty instruments and tools in the health industry can include customer and bonus cards, customer magazines, newsletters, customer accounts and benefit programs, but also the health follow-up of your customers. Now we'll tell you how you can strengthen the relationship with your customers in the long term in 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Become aware of your customers' needs and generate enthusiasm

Keep in mind that customer loyalty is made up of many different aspects. The basic factors, such as hygiene or competent and compassionate treatment, are important to achieve customer satisfaction as well as to meet your customers' expectations - but only lay the groundwork. Try to inspire your customers! You can do this with all the measures that your customers do not expect. It's those factors that set you apart from the competition, which could include an above-average luxurious changing or treatment room, unexpectedly friendly staff or little surprises like free welcome smoothies.

Therefore, it's simply a matter of customer needs and these change with the times as new demands are constantly being placed on you. Note that your products and services themselves are no longer sufficient as a unique selling proposition and customer loyalty is thus becoming more and more essential for sustainable business success in the health sector. Because today's customers want more. Everyone wants sustainable services with experience, authentic stories and people behind them and love to be rewarded for your loyalty. In addition, community activities and social media engagement are becoming more and more important to sustainably bind customers to the company.

Inspire your customers by sparking emotions, constantly surprising them in a positive way and putting innovative ideas into practice. Only those who do the right thing in all phases of customer retention - i.e., from acquisition to diagnosis to aftercare - will be successful in the long run. A professional customer loyalty program provides you with optimum support from the establishment of a new customer relationship, through the purchase to the repeat purchase.

Tip: With your individual myWorld Partner Program, you can maintain customer loyalty at the highest level in all phases. This makes it easier for you to gain new and regular customers and sustainably increase your sales.

Step 2: New and existing customers should feel good

Realize that within the first few minutes that your customers and prospects enter your business or interact with you for the first time, it will be determined whether they feel comfortable. Have you ever experienced that a potential buyer contacted you and you never heard from them again? Perhaps they did not feel comfortable and doubts arose in their mind. Help your prospects feel comfortable and build trust with a professional introduction. Address the needs and be competent but authentic. Take the time for an introductory talk, an individual case history or a free consultation. Offer complimentary drinks and make your customers feel welcome and show that you care about their well-being and health. As a health company, you only want the best for your customers. Radiate that too!

Where customers feel good, they also like to visit often and spend money. If your clients enjoy buying from you and booking treatments, they will keep coming back.

Tip: Present discounts to new customers or give away free samples as a little surprise. 

Step 3: What do your customers want? Ask questions and listen actively.

Learn more about your customers' expectations and wishes and show genuine interest. After the treatment or after the purchase, ask how your clients feel and if they are satisfied with your service. Offer free follow-up treatment if needed. Keep in touch with your customers and, especially in the service sector, show that you are actively listening to your customers. For example, ask about the planned summer holiday or the upcoming wedding and create a more personal relationship between you and your customers.

Tip: Use additional customer satisfaction surveys to learn more about your customers and adapt your offer to the survey results. Show that you are always evolving and take your customers' feedback seriously. With the myWorld Premium Partner Program, a free module for customer surveys is available to you, which enables you to create surveys quickly and easily and learn more about your customers.

Step 4: Get your whole team on board and make happy customers your mission

Your employees are most contact with your customers and therefore one of the most important factors in terms of customer satisfaction. Place value on your employee satisfaction and a pleasant working atmosphere, because those who like to work and feel good will convey this to their customers. Therefore, if you have satisfied employees, the first foundation stone for enthusiastic customers has been laid.

On the other hand, you should have a clear goal: Make your employees the best out there! Share your knowledge and train your team on an ongoing basis, both professionally and when handling your customers. Your customers will appreciate it if those in your team are capable, even when presented with complicated questions.

Tip: In the form of "team training", you can practise handling customers with your employees, as well as present challenging enquiries or problems. Take turns assuming the role of the customers and learn to master frequently occurring problems, counselling and sales situations. The team members who slip into the customer role can give free rein to their creativity. After all, every customer is different and as a staff member you must be able to react to a wide variety of situations and personalities.

Step 5: Turn your customers into real fans with benefit programs

The boom in customer loyalty programs is unstoppable. No wonder it's an excellent tool for managing customer data and for personalizing and customizing the customer's shopping experience. So-called benefit programs optimally support you in rewarding your customers for their loyalty and encourage your customers to remain loyal to your company and continue to purchase your products and services. An attractive benefits program promotes your customers' sense of belonging and offers a very special show of appreciation.

Don't worry, you don't have to develop your own customer loyalty program to have professional customer loyalty. With almost 20 years of experience in customer loyalty, the Team specializes in helping companies acquire new customers and retain loyal customers with attractive Benefits.

But that's not all, with the myWorld Benefit Program you are part of an international shopping community. Your customers will love being part of this strong community and receiving Benefits and discovering attractive local offers and Deals from 150,000 Partners in over 55 countries. The community concept at myWorld goes far beyond shopping and the associated Benefits. With every purchase, your customers automatically support two charities in their work for people in need and environmental protection around the world. As a Partner of myWorld, you will be perceived positively and at the same time show that you bear responsibility for your environment and fellow human beings.  All these factors contribute to your customers becoming true fans!

Tip: Present yourself as a myWorld Partner and make your customers aware of the Benefits of the Benefit Program. Position the marketing materials available for download in the Partner Suite prominently at the point of sale and talk to your customers about the possible Benefits.


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