Christmas Check List


Festive check list

Prepare your business for the festive period! In this list, you will find ideas for your marketing which should help you to prepare everything perfectly for the festive period.


  • Write a to do list
    Christmas can be stressful and rather hectic. Set yourself clear and realistic goals and make a list of them, so that you don't get stressed out too easily.
  • Analyse the market
    Ask yourself what your customers are looking for during the festive period and what you have to offer them.
  • Search for inspiration
    Have a look at what other companies have on offer at Christmas time. You'll find lots of creative ideas for the festive period on social networks.
  • Design a social media plan
    In the digital age, it is becoming increasingly important to carefully consider what content should be included and to plan the timing of this. Be realistic and stick to your plan. Maybe plan to invest a small amount in advertising to drive your business forward.
  • Update your website
    Make sure the content on your website is as up-to-date as possible and everything is working correctly.
  • Plan your offers
    More so than ever, Christmas is the time to entice customers through the doors with a range of attractive offers. Have a think about which products you would like to offer and when the best time is for campaigns to launch. Create Local Deals to make your offers even more attractive.
  • Keep your customers informed
    Send out a Newsletter to your customers to keep them informed of special offers.
  • Make use of your Point of Sale
    Make use of the advantage you have over online shops and set the scene. In your shop, you have the opportunity to stimulate the customer's senses – take advantage of this and make sure the customer can try out the products before purchasing. Make the shopping experience the main focus and design your salesrooms so that they appear inviting.
  • Order marketing materials
    If you require various different marketing materials for Christmas trade, such as greetings cards, flyers, posters etc. design them now and order everything in good time. Keep an eye out during the run up to Christmas – we will make materials available for download just as we did last year. Order a sufficient number of myWorld Cards and registration flyers from your international office to make sure that you are armed for the festive period.
  • Stock up
    Order everything on time so that you have enough in stock before the great Christmas rush. Take advantage of potential bulk discounts offered by your suppliers and look for fitting B2B offers in the myWorld.
  • Ask around your circle of friends
    For small businesses, your circle of friends and acquaintances are good tools for getting a feel for the market. Ask for help – perhaps you can help each other out.
  • Acquire new loyal customers
    Talk to new customers and turn them into loyal customers by registering them as Members of the myWorld. Use the Partner app for this and register Members quickly and easily.


  • Time to decorate
    As a shop-owner, you should decorate your shop and your shop window with Christmas decorations and organise festive events. Do you have a website or run an online shop? Then freshen up your decor and add some Christmas decoration. Have a think about how to get your customers into the Christmas spirit.
  • Make your customers aware of your offers
    Advertise your offers both online and offline. When advertising online use Newsletters and post on social networks. Offline, you can use external advertising such as banners and flyers to turn your walk-in customers into regular customers.
  • Order little gifts
    Would you like to be able to give out little gifts with your company‘s logo on? Make sure you design them and order them on time. You can express your thanks to your customers and employees by rewarding them with a little gift and acquire contacts for next year.
  • Order Christmas cards
    Ensure that you have enough Christmas cards available for both customers and employees if you would like to. Keep a look out for the right B2B offers in the myWorld.
  • Advertise Black Friday and Cyber Monday
    Have you begun to advertise Black Friday or Cyber Monday? These two shopping days are the world‘s favourite days to push sales. Using well-communicated offers and discounts, you can significantly boost your business during this period. Don‘t forget to create Local Deals in plenty of time and to send out your Newsletter. Advertise your offers using a Newsletter, on your social networks, your website and in your shop. Demonstrate what you‘ve specialised in and generate a higher rate of turnover.


  • Record and analyse the offers
    Note down which offers have worked well and those which haven‘t so that you can make use of this information next year.
  • Post your Christmas cards
    If you would like to reward your loyal customers and express your appreciation for them, then send them a Christmas card. You could also send out a greetings card with every online order.
  • Thank your employees and customers
    Thank your employees and customers with a little gift.
  • Treat yourself
    Don‘t forget yourself during the stressful Christmas period; treat yourself to a new outfit / look or replenish your vitamin stores e.g. with the All-in-One Drink from ONESENSE.
  • Make a difference
    Don‘t forget those who aren‘t able to purchase expensive gifts at Christmas time. Make a difference by giving the gift of joy and supporting a charitable project such as our Child & Family Foundation.
  • Think of the time after Christmas
    You and your company can also benefit from the post-Christmas period. Try to sell off the previous year's stock using bigger discounts or Super Cashback. Make use of the transition period to advertise these products tastefully. Don't forget to advertise your offers too.

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