Children are happy about the gifts from

As an international online marketplace with a regional focus, we provided assistance to the Styrian Anton-Afritsch-Kinderdorf and enabled home schooling for children from difficult family backgrounds.

In these very challenging times, we are particularly concerned to show commitment for the common good, to counteract the feeling of helplessness and to support people in coping with this state of emergency. In cooperation with the Child & Family Foundation, we have donated urgently needed auxiliary materials to the Anton-Afritsch-Kinderdorf in Styria. The children were happy about a total of 119 gifts. The donations ranged from computers and headsets to bluetooth speakers, board games and sports equipment such as badminton sets or soccer goals. Computers and headsets are especially important for the Children’s Village in these times of homeschooling. Only in this way can the children be offered the opportunity to stay up to date in school.

“In these challenging times we would like to support especially those people who are most affected by the crisis. We want to provide children who come from difficult family backgrounds with the necessary digital tools to enable them to continue school activities and their daily lives from home,” said Manuel Urban, CEO of myWorld Holdings Ltd.

Stefan Brandl, Project Manager of the Child & Family Foundation: “The handing over of the gifts for the children, such as the urgently needed computers for home schooling and other tools to support the organisation, was a very emotional moment for me. You can see that this global crisis is hitting particularly disadvantaged groups. We are very happy that we can help here thanks to the contribution of”.



About the Anton-Afritsch-Kinderdorf

The Anton-Afritsch-Kinderdorf, which has now been in existence for 62 years, is home to children who have experienced difficult life and relationship structures. Currently 38 children and young people live here. The youngest are five and the oldest 19 years old. They are looked after 365 days a year by a total of 30 social workers. Children and adolescents find a protected developmental framework here and receive support and guidance in all areas of life in order to process and work through their socialisation experiences. More at


About the Child & Family Foundation

The Child & Family Foundation is a charitable association based in Graz, Austria, which operates under the motto “Education. Opportunities. Future.”. It is committed internationally to support and promote children, young people and families in need. In recent years, the association has been able to implement around 200 educational and aid projects in over 40 countries, thereby changing the lives of thousands of children and their families for the better. More at