E-commerce can be defined as self-service. Customers research and purchase products online independently, without need of personal contact or consultation. To ensure that this process ends in a successful sale and that the customer is supporting during their research, good quality product information is required. Clear product details including high-quality photographic materials, product descriptions and informative adjuncts provide the customer with a holistic image of the product. If this information is conveyed to the customer correctly, the return ratio will sink immediately.

How can we improve the shopping experience in the online shop or in the marketplace or what is this shopping experience dependent upon?

The product details are viewed by the customers in the online shop. The presentation of the product details is thus an important factor. This should be consistent so that the customers have the opportunity to compare the selected products.

The product information often dictates how quickly or easily a customer will come across their desired product as the functionality of the search engine or the filter is dependent on the quality of the product details.

The automatisation of the shop features is dependent on the product details as a shop can only be run economically if the product details support this process.

Roughly 80% of the suppliers are aware of the importance of product details, however every second supplier deems his own product details to be lacking. The details are often not of sufficient quality to secure a sale. Reasons for this include poor tagging, attribution, inconsistency of data and manual data maintenance.
So that suppliers can provide their customers with high-quality data, these product details must be prepared and adapted for the purpose of e-commerce, which will take the supplier some time to do.

A study performed by ibi Research at the University of Regensburg clearly shows that the quality of the product details is decisive for connectivity with a shop system.
To be able to offer your end consumers a pleasant shopping experience and to make it easier for the supplier to connect with the myWorld.com marketplaces, myWorld.com is responsible for preparation of the product details. The supplier need only provide EAN/GTIN, price, availability, delivery period and costs.

myWorld.com guarantees high-quality product details by providing product listing facilities and consistent product representation. This not only has positive effects on the customers’ shopping experience but also on the suppliers’ purchase success.