Tracking codes have become a fundamental component of customer service. Using tracking technology, the status of a deliver can be monitored and reviewed both prior to and following dispatch. This is equally advantageous for both parties, suppliers and customers. The customer can, in this way, pursue all order stages from the goods’ departure from the supplier’s warehouse to delivery. As well as other benefits, the supplier can draw important conclusions from the data which can then work to improve their dispatch procedure. Overview of the benefits: For the merchant:

  • Monitoring of logistics service providers with regards to handover of deliveries and avoiding delivery errors
  • Option of improving dispatch process
  • Benefits Customer Services (fewer complaints regarding dispatch process)

For the customers:

  • Information concerning retention of goods
  • Reduction of potential issues during dispatch
  • Opportunity to agree on terms of delivery with the service provider (e.g. approve storage location, delivery time etc.)

In the marketplace, you can easily ascribe a tracking code to every item ordered. This means that you can provide your customers with a good level of customer service without it taking up too much of your time. Should you go to the help centre, you will find more information relating to setting up tracking codes within the system.