Together you are strong

A close relationship helps build a strong community. With Cashback World White Label, we provide you with an opportunity to further strengthen this relationship. Your club, association or business can offer fans, supporters or employees the opportunity to enjoy special rewards when they shop, while you and your own work benefit from the sales that are created.

The benefits of Cashback World White Label

Your Cashback Program in your chosen design

Your own Cashback Program

With your customized Cashback Program by Cashback World White Label, you will have everything you need to increase the loyalty of your fans, customers or employees; a shopping portal designed with the look and feel of your business or club; the Cashback App in your brand’s colors, as well as Cashback Cards with your logo.

Shopping Benefits create a win-win situation for both sides

Shopping benefits for both sides

What makes a cooperation with Cashback World White Label so special is that the Members of your Cashback Program collect Cashback and Shopping Points for every purchase at partner businesses and you receive up to 1% of these sales to support your work.

Special requirements need special solutions - with Cashback World White Label anything is possible.

Your needs are fully considered

Cashback World White Label offers solutions of varying scope which can be adapted to meet your needs.

Your needs our solutions

Cashback World White Label offers solutions of varying scope which can be adapted to satisfy your needs. In the lite version, you will receive Cashback Cards and registration flyers and a registration page in your design in the Cashback App and in the Cashback World.

Additionally, you will get access to our registration app, so you are able to personally register Members for your Cashback Program. Members you register can use the shopping opportunities with the Cashback Card and the Cashback World website to obtain their shopping benefits and support you at the same time.

White Label solutions vary in scope
The White Label total package - Your complete Cashback Program

Full Program for your community

Your own comprehensive Cashback Program provides you with the all the features of Cashback World White Label. This includes registration flyers and Cashback Cards with your logo. If required, the cards can be equipped with NFC for contactless payment or smart access systems. Moreover, you will get your own Shopping Portal and an individual version of the Cashback App - designed with the look and feel of your club or business and available for Members of your Cashback Program. You also can exclude certain Loyalty Merchants in order to satisfy existing sponsors or partners.

You can inform participants in your Cashback Program about news or special offers and events by sending out newsletters. You get a full package that provides your fans, supporters or employees with an easy opportunity to shop and receive benefits while they support you with their purchases.

Our products for your Cashback Program

Your Cashback Program Cashback World White Label provides you several products that deliver benefits to you and your Shoppers.

Shopping Portal in club colours

Shopping through your Shopping Portal or the Cashback World Website

Cashback Card with club’s logo
Cashback Card

One card, lots of benefits for your Members

Cashback Card with club’s logo
Registration Flyers

Sign up new Members with registration flyers prepared in your design.

Registration flyer with club’s logo
Cashback App

Shop everywhere at any time

Special offers for your fans in the Newsletter

The best offers in your Members’ mailbox

Social Media - your message multiplier
Social Media

Your organization presented to our fans

Your concern - our service!
Customer service & support

We take care of your requests

Cashback World

For more than 17 years, we have been supporting businesses in successfully winning new and loyal customers helping to facilitate a long-term increase in revenue. We provide our extensive experience in customer loyalty through Cashback for your organization, in order to strengthen your community, while also letting you and your supporters enjoy shopping benefits.

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